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The influence of etch tool parameter on the electron collision rate.

Electron Collision Rate [s-1]
Number of collisions of a mean electron with molecules or atoms in the plasma bulk per second.

Electron Density [cm-3]
Number of free electrons in plasma bulk per volume unit.

Self Excited Electron Plasma Resonance Spectroscopy (SEERS) = first method to measure electron
parameters at industrial plasma tools in production - model based.

Hercules¢ē = first solution using SEERS

- 200 mm width (4 units).
- Fast (< 250 ms).
- Up to 4 chambers.
- Easy data handling.
- Plug & play solution.
- Ready for e-diagnostics.
- SECS / HSMS interface.
- Serial interface (e.g., LamStation, SilverBox).

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Optical emission (OES)
- Sight window access.
- Damping by polymers or by products.
- New intensity level after PM.

RF current
- Based on passive RF current sensor flat in chamber wall.
- No damping due to the high frequency.
- No calibration.